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Professional Background
Dennis began his professional career in Summer 1995 at the beginning of his senior year of college. He was an intern at the Smithsonian Institution performing various technical writing assignments. His supervisor discovered Dennis was able to fix all the problems with the Macs in the office. As a result, he was soon “farmed out” to other offices to help them with their Mac problems.

This led to an extension of his internship into Spring 1996 and a permanent job with the Smithsonian beginning in Fall 1996. Dennis started his career conducting electronic outreach activities with Mac support as a secondary job. In Fall 1997 Mac support became one of his two primary jobs and in Summer 1999 PC and network-printer support was added to his roster of duties.

In Spring 2004 Dennis joined the new Museum of the American Indian as part of their IT/AV support team. He was responsible for overseeing operation of all the museum’s exhibit- and public-space media systems. This included 20 dedicated video servers, three content distribution servers, and over one hundred audio- and video-playback devices. (And he still provided to staff hands-on Mac and PC support when time permitted.)

Summer 2006 found Dennis at the Museum of American Indian branch in New York City. There he ran the museum’s entire IT/AV operations. All the museum’s technology was his responsibility: If something in the museum had a screen on it or played sound, he was responsible for its operation.

A full resume for Dennis can be viewed here.


Personal Background
Dennis Comerford, founder and chief problem solver for Mad City Tech Support, is a recent transplant to the Madison area. He spent the past 17 years living in Washington, DC and New York City but moved to the Midwest after tiring of life in the big city. He is an avid bicyclist and, when circumstances permit, will bike to a client’s site rather than drive.

He has been a regular computer user since 1983 when he got his first computer, a now-ancient Apple ][e computer. Other computers followed (both Mac and PC) along with a variety of other electronic devices like Sony’s Walkman, a PalmPilot, various types of iPod, a work-provided Blackberry, and the Apple iPhone.

Dennis has been the “go-to” person for tech support among his family and friends for the past fifteen years. With the move to Madison Dennis finds himself still providing computer support to friends and family back East (now via telephone and video-chat instead of in person).


Dennis has both undergraduate and graduate degrees. As an undergrad he took a B.A. in English with a concentration in scientific and technical writing. This education background proved useful during his 13 years of service at the Smithsonian where technical/process documentation and report writing was a regular part of his duties. As a graduate student he took an M.A. in Literature and Languages with a concentration in medieval literature. His graduate degree was taken for personal, non-professional purposes only.


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