Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to provide high-quality, low-cost IT services to groups that cannot afford their own dedicated, in-house IT support staff.

Our goal is to assist those groups in making the best use of their limited dollars when it comes to IT support. Whether we provide direct hands-on support services or provide consultations on how to best utilize the services of others, our goal is always to help your group make the most efficient, cost-effective use of scarce funds.


In order to provide our customers more flexibility in how they purchase IT support services we offer two different rate plans. For the customer that wants the occasional task-specific service visit we offer a basic hourly rate plan. We offer a discounted rate plan for the customer that wants regularly scheduled service visits. Full details can be found on the Service Rates page.

To keep our expenses low we use free e-mail from Google, free web-hosting from WordPress, and work out of a home office on the Near West side of Madison.
As a result, we can pass along to our customers these savings in the form of the lowest IT service costs available in the greater Madison area.


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