Service Rates

We offer two rate plans to allow our customers to choose the services they want that best meet the needs of their group.

Software Services
—Hourly Rate – $18/hour
—Discount Rate – $15/hour


Hardware Services
—Hourly Rate – $25/hour
—Discount Rate – $20/hour
Specialty Services
—Hourly Rate – $20/hour
NOTE: For equipment surplus services any municipal recycling fees will be added to the hourly rate.


Technical Consulting
—Hourly Rate – $15/hour – $25/hour
NOTE: For new clients I offer a free 30-minute consultation session to discuss their current and future IT support needs.

—Our hourly rate plan is for the customer who wants occasional on-demand service. Call and pay for service just when you need it.

—Our discount rate plan is for the customer who wants regular on-demand service. Buy a fixed number of service hours at a discount price and call when you need it.
(Sold in blocks of 10 hours per service category.)

—Clients can mix and match rate plans based on their needs.
(i.e.: Pay for one service category on the hourly rate plan and buy another service category on the discount rate plan.)

—All rate plans are billed in 15-minute increments and there is a 30-minute minimum charge for every visit.

—Per Wisconsin statute TAX 11.71 (Section 215), all IT hardware and support services are subject to WI state and county sales tax.
NOTE: Most IT-related Specialty Services and IT-related Technical Consulting services we offer are exempt from WI state and county sales tax.


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