Services Offered

Technical Consulting
—Strategic technology plans
• Analysis of group operational dynamics from an IT-standpoint with suggestions on how to modify IT usage to improve individual efficiencies and group function
• Analysis of short- and long-term business needs with recommendations on how to plan for technology upgrades/expansions
• Creation of IT hardware life-cycle replacement plan

—Organizational backup plans
• Analysis of group operational dynamic with suggestions on how to create group-wide document storage/backup plans for digital files

—Information on cellular telephony (for mobile voice and data connectivity)
• For the group with no fixed office or with staff that travel frequently

—Information on IP telephony (Make phone calls over the web)
• For the larger group with a single fixed office and high-volumes of long-distance telephone usage

—Information on videoconference technology
• Needs assessment and cost analysis: Is it right for your organization?
• Recommendations on obtaining for-hire videoconference services


Specialty Services
—Hardware Inventory and Management
• Track equipment for tax filing purposes (deductions and depreciation)
• Track equipment for compliance with donor agreements (for not-for-profits)
• Surplus old/excess equipment (in compliance with all state and local laws; Municipal recycling fees will apply)

—Software Inventory and Management
• Track software for EULA compliance and/or compliance with donor agreements (for not-for-profits)
• Consolidate licensing information for volume upgrade discounts

—Technical Writing
• For grant applications with a technology component to the submission package (for not-for-profits)

—Network Installation
• Wire a new work space for computers and printers
• Re-wire an existing work space with more connections
• Set up Wi-Fi transmitters for wireless connectivity

Software Services
—Troubleshoot application software
• When it stops working for no apparent reason

—Customize application configurations
• Setting all those preferences to make it work just the way you want

—Install application software
• Whether it’s a brand-new purchase, a demo copy of an application, or a newer version of a program you have already

—Upgrade/Convert files to a new application
• For the graphic designer who wants to migrate from Quark to Adobe
• For anyone who want to move from one e-mail program to another
• For “switchers” who want to replace an old PC with a new Mac and need their files converted


Hardware Services
—Install new computer or new component for a computer
• Whether its a new CPU or monitor, bigger/extra hard drive, more RAM, new/extra video card

—Install new printer (ink-jet or laser)
• Setup new local printer (attached to one computer)
• Setup new networked printer (stand-alone printer connected to multiple computers)
• Convert local printer to network printer (when technologically possible)

—Install new or upgraded peripherals
• A drawing tablet, flatbed scanner, external backup hard drive


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